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T-rix: Tree rings from image Rx


ANR bioenergy EMERGE (Élaboration de Modèles pour une Estimation Robuste et Générique du bois Énergie au niveau arbre et pour différents compartiments de Financement) project

Partners : French organisms involved in forestry research and management : ONF, INRA Nancy : UMR LERFOB (INRA/AgroParisTech-ENGREF), CIRAD-UMR AMAP (Cirad-Cnrs-Inra-Ird-Université Montpellier II), CEMAGREF, IFN, FCBA, CNP

What is T-rix ?

T-rix is a fully-automated plugin used to detect tree rings in images Rx.The study allows pitch to be located and the geometry of each ring (area thickness, circularity,…) to be characterized. The numerical results are saved in csv files readable onto spreedsheat.

In development…


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Bio: F. Longuetaud (Lerfob), F. Mothe (Lerfob)

Dev: R. Pernaudat