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Celer: Cells analyzer


To define

What is Celer ?

Celer is a half-automated plugin used to analyse the geometry of cells (lumen size, wall thickness,…) provided by light microscopic images. The study process only the sharp parts of the image: these parts are automatically detected by the application. The numerical results are saved in csv files, easily readable on spreadsheet

At left, Albies Alba – O. Martin (2010) ; at right, Pinus Kesiya – Y. Caraglio (2007). The white edges show the limits between cells, the red contours the lumen border of the best cells.



Celer will not provide successful results in the following cases:

  • on winter wood, where the lumen is smaller and darker ; when the color properties are reversed, the cell detection is very bad, as shown on the opposite side (Albies Alba – O. martin 2010).

  • on non colored images, where the contrast between walls and lumen are not strong enough, as shown on this image (Spruce – C. Rathberger 2009)

Actual perspectives:

  •  The winter wood processing,
  •  The mixed image, containing summer and winter wood,
  •  The non colored images processing


to have batch image processing tool, we have to rather use the C-Toaster plug-in

Description: magnification, sharpness factor, threshold on thickness standard deviation,wall thickness (average, median, maximal, minimal or all values)


To come


Bio: O. Martin, O. Taugourdeau

Dev: P. Borianne