Thème : Images Comparison Software (Comparaison d’images)

Licence : Logiciel libre (freeware)

Système d’exploitation : Windows, Macintosh, Linux…


CMP, for Correlation Map and Profile, is a convenient tool aimed at comparing almost every kind of surface patterns. It focuses on a multiscale comparison of quantitative and qualitative images, and offers multiscale maps and profiles of the mostly used pattern indices. This method is summarized within a coherent open source software that makes analyses very friendly for ecological, remote sensing and even biological or physical studies. CMP is fully complementary to other comparison tools (dedicated to point-pattern analyses or not) such as co-kriging, co-spectra and co-wavelets. CMP software has been developed from Gaucherel’s Matlab® routines (see references) and has been recently transformed into open Java® multiplatform software (see developer forum). CMP works with images saved in raster mode and provides quantified indices in similar formats.


Software Scope

This methodology is illustrated further on both qualitative and quantitative comparisons of african vegetations.

Computing Environment

CMP is an Open Java multiplatform software developed as a project during degree studies at Montpellier University by olivier Bartoli, Julien Garcin and Jérémy Roch, with Cedric Gaucherel as a supervisor. This work supposed to first understand Matlab’s routines, then to build an object oriented conception for the same purpose in order to meet various requirements such as:

  • to keep a reusable conception and use for instance Model View Controller pattern;
  • to have a complete, ergonomic and intuitive user interface;
  • to fully rewrite the Matlab’s code, which was thought within an object-oriented scheme;
  • to finally have powerful and rapid algorithms.

The work has been divided as follows:

  • Bartoli Olivier
    Conception UML (design pattern MVC); Ouverture, création, enregistrement des images (JAI) ; Histogrammes, Graphes ErrorBar (JFreeChart)
  • Garcin Julien
    Management; Interface Utilisateur Graphique (GUI); Ergonomie et Design; Installeur et intégrateur pour les différents systèmes d’exploitation; Lanceur optimisé; Système de mise à jour; Modules d’aide didactitiels et traductions, Assistance intuitive à l’utilisateur (Barre d’aide et info-bulles)
  • Roch Jérémy
    Algorithmique : Algorithme de calcul des images mono échelle pour chaque indice, gestion des effets de bord, création des modèles neutres


Here, you may find CMP files.

Zip files also contain a sample of input data to be used with the Software.

(Please, notice that working images have to be carrefully prepared according to the « help » section of the software. In particular, the file format, the background code (-9999), the size of the image and the spatial resolution should carrefully fit the question addressed). Any enquiry about the software should to be sent to C. Gaucherel.

Short CMP bibliography

CMP References

  • Gaucherel, C., Alleaume, S. and Hély, C., The Comparison Map Profile method: a strategy for multiscale comparison of quantitative and qualitative images. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 46 (9): 2708-2719, 2008.
  • Gaucherel, C., Balasubramanian, M., Karunakaran, P.V. , Ramesh, B.R. , Muthu, S. , Couteron, P., Hély-Alleaume, C., At which scales does landscape structures influence the spatial distribution of elephants in Western Ghats? Journal of Zoology, 280: 185-194 (2010).

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For any questions or remarks, please contact : Cédric Gaucherel

See also the didactical and user-friendly site about CMP : http://cmp.gj05.fr/accueil_fr.html