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 cefiler: cells files identifier


Within the context of analyzing the development of a conifer tree, the production and the differentiation of wood cells stemming from radial or spindled-shaped initial cells are relevant in  the plant growth context, either from an endogenous (fluxes regulation or liber/wood exchanges) or exogenous  (water resources or light conditions) point of view. Cell identification and counting are valuable methods to show the regularities of cell types (cambial growth for the initial cells, differentiation for the produced cells). Applying statistical methods on a sufficient number of samples is crucial for such an issue.

What is Cefiler ?

Cefiler is a fully-automated plugin devoted to the identification of cell files provided by light microscopic images. This module allows cellular type (vessel, fiber, parenchyma,…) to be defined and the geometry of each cell (wall or/and lumen area, wall thickness, circularity,…) to be characterized. The numerical results are saved in csv or xml files readable onto Clinex®.





Cefiler will not provide successful results in the following cases:

  • on winter wood, where the lumen is smaller and darker ; when the color properties are reversed, the cell detection is very bad, as shown on the opposite side.
  • on not enough contrasted images, by example the non colored images.

Actual perspectives

  • The winter wood processing
  • The non colored images processing



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Bio: Y. Caraglio, C. Heinz, O. Taugourdeau, M. Guéroult

Dev: G. Brunel, P. Kennel, P. Borianne