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sept. 2013
C_Toaster_1.3.4 plugin, including the last updating of the Cells Analyzer. Note the Cell Files Analyzer is yet in devlopment: it should be available in incoming year.
january 2013 Withdrawal of the obsolete simple IJ plug-in
april 2012
L_Toaster_2.2.2 plugin, including the correction of the 2.2.1 version : the main bug affecting the leaves area had been introduced in the 2.2.0 version.
plugin E_Toaster_1.2.1, including too the leaves area correction.
march 2012
L_Toaster_2.2.1 plugin, introduced for the petioles deletion
L_Toaster_2.2.0 plugin, introduced for the holes valuations
february 2012
L_Toaster_2.1.4 plugin: gives a direct reading of the optical resolution for the TIF images and introduced in the E6Toaster version.
E_Toaster_1.2.0 plugin, introduced for the Education in Secondary School. It is a spin-off plugin for simple measurements of leaves, made from L_Toaster plug-in.
november 2010
Toaster are proposed in regard of study objects: the fully plugin is derived in three specialized plugins : C-Toaster for the cell studies, L-Toaster for the leaf studies and W-Toaster for the macroscopic studies of wood.
october 2010
new version of cell files analyzer, including the last works lead by Guilhem BRUNEL during his professional training – see Cefiler_v2.0.a (and the version 3.1.b of the Toaster).
This version is based on new approach of files detection allowing to qualify the relevance of the recognition. The cells thickness is also evaluated.