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Click below to access the species list and spreadsheet in French, English and different local languages:

  1. 460 tropical weed species described in several IDAO tools, and access to their spreadsheet.
  2. List of the most important weed species collected under OSWALD project in the paddy fields
    of Laos and Cambodia.
  3. List of the tree species collected under BIOTIK project in the Western Ghats forests of India.
  4. List of the tree species collected under BIOTIK project in the Annamite range forests of Laos.
  5. Preliminary checklist of the Orchidaceae of Laos. A work carried out under ORCHIS project.
  6. Checklist of Mangrove species of South East India and Sri Lanka


Uniscribe is the Microsoft Windows set of services for rendering Unicode-encoded text.
They are implemented in the DLL USP10.DLL.
USP10.dll became available to the public with Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 5.0.
In addition, the Windows CE platform has supported Uniscribe since version 5.0.

Please check that you have usp10.dll in c:\windows\system32,
the minimum version required is 1.473.4067.0

Reboot the system after installation.

You may download the required fonts from the list below:
– to read Lao
– to read Khmer