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email : yves.dumont@cirad.fr

Mathématiques Appliquées et Applications des Mathématiques

Applied Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics



Station de Ligne-Paradis
Pôle de protection des plantes
7 chemin de l’IRAT
97410 Saint-Pierre
La Réunion, France


Selected Publications

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Research areas

I am an Applied Mathematician working on several topics including

    Mathematical Modelling in biological sciences using ODES, IDES, or PDES, and in particular plants sciences, like plant-insect interactions…. Biological Control: modelling, analysis and simulations. Mathematical Epidemiology: human, animal and plants diseases. Nonlinear analysis, qualitative analysis. Numerical methods: development of new algorithms, like the nonstandard …

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Ongoing Projects

I develop, study and simulate Mathematical models related to problems in biology and Ecology. More specifically, I study models related to plant-insect interactions, plant growth, vegetation dynamics, crop protection, biological control, …. My main objective is to develop (new) mathematical models appropriate to the (initial) biological question. The model will be first studied theoretically, with …

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    Pierre-Alexandre Bliman, Yves Dumont, Oscar E. Escobar-Lasso, Hector J. Martinez-Romero, Olga Vasilieva. A sex-structured model of Wolbachia invasion to design sex-biased release strategies in Aedes spp mosquitoes populations. 2022.  Preprint HAL⟨hal-03689311⟩ R. Anguelov, Y. Dumont, I.V. Yatat Djeumen, On the use of Traveling Waves for Pest/Vector elimination using the Sterile …

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Sujets de thèses / Sujets de stages

Les sujets proposés sont plus particulièrement en relation avec la Modélisation Mathématique appliquée à la Biologie, l’Ecologie.

Les sujets de stages proposés:

Me contacter pour des sujets niveau M2/Ingénieurs.

Sujets de thèse

Me contacter pour des informations ou des propositions.

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Conferences, Workshop, Posters, Seminars

2022 Forthcoming Events:

    Dynamical Systems and Applications in Life and Social Sciences: DSAL2S (08.05.2022 – 14.05.2022,  Będlewo, Poland) Analysis and Differential Equations with Applications to Natural Sciences: ADEANS IV (18.09.2022-23.09.2022, Scottsburg, South Africa)

International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars… in 2022:

    Yves Dumont. Mathematical issues in …

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Summer schools:


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