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Équipe COMMUNAUTE – Ecologie et diversité des communautés végétales

Team « Communities – Ecology and diversity of plant communities »


Bd de la Lironde TA A-51 / PS2 34398 Montpellier cedex 5, France

tél : 04 67 61 71 87 (int. 54 77)
fax : 04 67 61 56 68
email : alexia.stokes@cirad.fr


Research Interests

My research is based around two scientific questions; one concerning fundamental aspects of belowground ecology and the second aiming at finding applied solutions to environmental problems:


1) How do patterns of plant root trait diversity and growth along climatic gradients differ between biomes?
We measure tree root growth in situ using rhizotrons. Rhizotrons are currently installed along several climatic gradients in France and we envisage collaborating on a global scale to unify data acquisition and analyses. We also measure plant root traits in herbaceous and woody species from cold temperate to tropical climates and determine worldwide patterns in morphological and chemical traits.





2) How can we use vegetation to conserve soil on degraded hillslopes?
We perform fieldwork in countries where landslides and erosion are common and often life-threatening to local communities. Data on soil characteristics, plant community composition, plant architecture and root system growth and traits are collected and used as input into slope stability models. These models then predict the likelihood of slope failure.






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