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Ongoing Projects

I develop, study and simulate Mathematical models related to problems in biology and Ecology. More specifically, I study models related to plant-insect interactions, plant growth, vegetation dynamics, crop protection, biological control, ….
My main objective is to develop (new) mathematical models appropriate to the (initial) biological question. The model will be first studied theoretically, with the objective of getting results that can be interpreted biologically, to obtain useful informations about the possible dynamics of the system, and to provide feedbacks to the Biologists. Finally, suitable algorithms may be developed/used in order to achieve reliable numerical simulations to illustrate the theoretical results or to support discussions.
When possible, the models will be validated by experiments and field data.
I’m participating to various interdisciplinary projects in which mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulations may play an important role.
I have several partnerships in France, Cameroon, South Africa, Réunion Island….

Some ongoing projects where I am involved:

  • ELA-PALM (2014 – 2022). Palm-Pollinisator interactions (Partner: PalmElit). PI
  • GEMDOTIS (2019-2022): Sterile insect Technique against B. dorsalis, the oriental fruit fly, in La Réunion.
  • CERATIS (2020-2023): Sterile insect Technique against C. capitat, the mediteranean fruit fly, in Corsica.
  • SarChi chair M3B2 (2019-2022): University of Pretoria. Co-Pi

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