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Master – PhD – Postdoctoral positions



  • Mathieu de Goer: Post-doctoral researcher, Species assemblages with experiments and theoretical models (EU-Leap-Agri 2018)
  • Maximilien Cosme: PhD researcher, Food security in Burkina Faso semi-arid ecosystems (EU-Leap-Agri 2018)
  • Colin Thomas, co-supervised with Franck Pommereau (U. Evry IBISC): PhD researcher, Discrete-event models and model-checking (IBISC fellowship)
  • Boris Flotterer, co-supervised by Christelle Hély (EPHE ISEM): PhD researcher, Boreal forest dynamics modeled by Graph-Transformations (ISEM PSL fellowship)
  • XX, co-supervised by Christine Dupuy (U. La Rochelle): PhD researcher, C cycle and La Rochelle social-ecological systems (TIGA project)
  • Santiago Agustin Parra Bulacio, Master II student in Conservation ecology, Social-ecological system in Ghana (SESASA project)
  • Ganaëlle Laout, with Florence Mazier (CNRS GEODE), Licence III student in Biology, Social-ecological system in Pyrenees (PASTSERV project CNRS)
  • And other (co-)supervised students…



+ Several offers available. Please contact me!


  • « Mathematical formalization of a transitory ecosystem »


  • « Integrated management of a wetland socio-ecosystem for optimized C storage »

  • « Long-term spatio-temporal dynamics of tropical African ecosystems »

MASTER TRAININGS PROPOSED   ->   To be found on the SFE² website

  1. « Multiscale modeling of the service bundle of a wetland socio-ecosystem »
  2. « An integrated model for the cell  »
  3. « A qualitative model for evolution of ecosystems  »
  4. « A R-cran package for spatial analyses »


In addition, I welcome suggestions for projects from students who wish to carry out PhD or Postdoctorate programmes in the areas of theoretical ecology, ecosystems functionning and spatial ecology.

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