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Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters

  1. Walcker, R., Gandois, L., Proisy, C., Corenblit, D., Mougin, E., Laplanche, C., Ray, R., & Fromard, F. (2018). Control of ‘blue carbon’ storage by mangrove ageing: evidence from a 66-year chronosequence in French Guiana. Global Change Biology.  In press. https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.14100
  2. Muthusankar, G., Proisy, C., Balasubramanian, B., Bautès, N., Bhalla, R.S., Mathevet, R., Ricout, A., Senthil Babu, D., & Vasudevan, S. (2018). When socio-economic plans exacerbate vulnerability to physical coastal processes on the southeast coast of India. Proceedings from the International Coastal Symposium (ICS) 2018 (Busan, Republic of Korea), Journal of Coastal Research, Special Isssue 85, in press.
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