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Domaines scientifiques d’intérêts

  • Biomécanique de l’Arbre – Tree BiomechanicsMy activity aims to develop simulation models dedicated to the study of the biomechanical behaviour of trees submitted to static, quasi-static and dynamical loadings. Gravitropic and phototropic movements are also considered as an active biomechanical response to environmental constraints, i.e. gravity and light, via the formation of reaction wood. Such biomechanical models were integrated in time with regards to the architectural development of trees, allowing growth acclimation hypotheses to be tested in silico.At a given stage of the tree growth, biomechanical analysis can help investigating the role of tree architecture on both crown sway and root anchorage. Applications to the study of tree stability under strong winds have been made at the individual and stand scale.
  • Eco-ingénierie de la stabilité des pentes – Eco-engineering of slope stabilityModelling of root-soil mechanical interactions has also been applied to eco-engineering of slope stability. This field of research deals with reinforcing sites against landslides using vegetation.

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