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Some Videos and simulation Movies


Here follow short Videos on Ecosystems and their dynamics, illustrated on the Camargue region. It has been realized by students of Montpellier University under my supervision and that of university professors. Watch all of them here!


Here are some videos on Ecosystem functioning and ecosystem interactions (also posted on YouTube).

  • A votre avis, c’est quoi un écosystème ?
    Dans cette vidéo, vous découvrirez certaines des caractéristiques de cet objet étonnant (avec la Camargue en illustration).

In your opinion, what is an ecosystem?
In this video, you will discover some properties of this surprizing thing (illustrated on the Camargue wetland).



  • Un écosystème, c’est dynamique ! Regardez cette deuxième vidéo qui traite des dynamiques des écosystèmes (avec toujours la Camargue en exemple) :


An ecosystem is dynamical! Watch this second video, which deals with ecosystem dynamics (still with the Camargue as an example):




Finally, here are some old movies elaborated with various Matlab(R) models. All these movies concern ecological processes or analyses of such processes.

  1. Example of landscape analysis made on Indian Kerala landscape (40 different land covers): The 30 successive Kerala heterogeneity monoscale maps (made with MHM software, see the software page).
  2. Example of landscape modelling: One of the The Lestolet landscape prospective scenario until year 2100 (DYPAL software, see the software page).
  3. Example of an image comparison: spatial and multiscale comparisons between landscape heterogeneity and elephant presence probability in the same Indian landscape (made with the CMPsoftware, see the software page).
  4. Illustration of ecological processes supported by heterogeneous landscapes: Herbivore assemblages on a patchy grassland.

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