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Management and Supervising tasks

Presently Senior researcher at INRAE

  • Heading a team dedicated to theoretical ecology;
  • Themes ranging from ecosystem functioning, ecological theories to ecological modeling…

Ex Head of the Ecology Department of IFP (French Institute of Pondicherry, South India)

  • Around 30 members in the department;
  • Themes ranging from palaeo-ecology and palynology, to forestry and botany, modelling and software conception, and social and human sciences….

Research Projects in progress or finishing (managing and/or participating)

  • INC (ANR) = Incendies et biodiversité des écosystèmes en Nouvelle Calédonie. C. Hély, CEREGE.
  • BIODIVAGRIM (ANR) = Conservation de la biodiversité dans les agro-écosystèmes, une modélisation spatialement explicite des paysages. V. Bretagnolle, CEBC.
  • STAMP (ANR) = Modélisation dynamique de paysage avec des primitives spatiales, temporelles et multi échelles. D. Lo Seen, TETIS.
  • BVH (AECID and World Bank) = Caractérisation de la ressource en eau en Haïti, C. Gaucherel, IFP.
  • HATARI – Tellus-Rift CNRS call, C. Tiberi UM Montpellier.
  • SESASA – European Leap-Agri call, C. Fürst UML Germany.
  • Others ...

Figures. Masai people pictured in Northern Tanzania (photo C. Gaucherel CC BY-SA 4.0).


+ several postdoctorates and researchers supervised …

In addition, I welcome suggestions for projects from students who wish to carry out PhD or post-doctoral programs in the areas of theoretical ecology, ecosystems functioning, landscape modelling and spatial ecology.


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